Let’s Bring It To Life.

Raise your hand if you or your business has a blog. Now, raise the other if it’s been a month or more since you posted. Maybe never? 

Mmmhmm, I thought so. 

Lots of double hands-in-the-air out there. 

I love working on website copywriting projects. Inevitably, as part of the planning, I’ll have the “blog talk” with my client. This is when we discuss whether they’re going to have a blog as part of their site. 

For a while, it was pretty much standard practice, as expected as an “About” page. 

Just a quick wander through a few company’s websites and you’ll notice that while practically every organization has a blog, few are maintaining them and delivering value. 

Every blog starts with the best intentions. 

You’re going to start writing – when you’ve got just a bit more time. Or you’ll hand it off to the most literary person in your office. Maybe you’ll spread it around the whole team, with everyone contributing a piece or two over the year. 

This works for a while. A month, maybe? A quarter if you’re organized.

But then life happens.

Oher priorities arise. The blog becomes the orphan on your website, left without someone to show it the care a good company blog needs.

Blogs really are a great way to accomplish some of the marketing goals you have for your business. They are kindling for your social media presence. They add some heft to your site, improving your domain authority. The right blog strategy can give you a major search ranking boost.  

But that only works if you actually, well blog. 

I’m here to help.

On Monday, April 27, sign up for my free 5-Day Blogging Challenge. I’m calling it a challenge, but think of it as a kick in the proverbial ass. You don’t have to blog for five days right away, but I will give you the fuel to understand that you can and should, with advice to help you start.  

After that, you’ll get tips and inspiration to keep you going. 

We’re in this together!