Writer’s Block: The Copywriters Deception

The pristine page. The blinking cursor. The blank mind. And the mounting anxiety.  Writer’s block is one of the biggest clichés about writing. It’s that scene in the movie where the desperate scribe rips yet another inadequate or empty page from the typewriter, tossing the crumpled sheet on a growing pile of discards.   But writer’s […]

Brand Voice Basics: Find Your Voice Online

Voice isn’t just for singers and YouTube personalities. You might be surprised to find that it is one of the most important and elusive elements of good writing. This blog post covers how to unearth your Brand Voice.

Your first draft sucks, and that’s okay.

I’m on a walk when inspiration strikes. I work the idea around in my head until I get home, sit down in front of my computer and type a few random words or a couple of garbled sentences. What was so clear in my mind is now a hot mess on the page.  And that’s […]

What is copywriting blog post feature showing Kate Wallace

Copywriting: What the heck is it, anyhow?

Copywriting is words that sell. And it is all around us.  Copy—the actual words a copywriter like me produces—is the text you read every day without realizing it. It’s the print ads you read on the bus. Or your favourite brand’s catchy tagline (“Just do it.”). And the caption on the Instagram posts you like. […]

I’m Scared, too.

Even as a professional writer, blogging took discipline and guts.

You Need to Blog. Here’s Why.

It’s never been a better time to blog. For real.

Got a Frankenblog?

Every blog starts with the best intentions. Then life happens.

Luck, guts and pluck: How I became a writer

It was the end of another long, hot day. I was sitting on a stump ….

Wear pants. Real ones.

It took me years of home-office life to get it right. The top things that made working from home work for me.

Early Retirement: Why Pigeon’s Getting the Gold Watch

When I started my writing business a few years go, I was, frankly, terrified.

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